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I chase after sunsets, craving the beauty.

Sanity smacks me dead in the face.

No more what if’s and free from the pressure that’s suffocating my weak body. The world begins to become beautiful again as I sprint towards the skyline. Each night finding the release of the built up anxiety that always seems to linger like a cloud of smoke.

Coming in and out of clarity daily has not been kind or gentle on me. My beauty is buried deep and is still trying to break through the surface for others to see. I care too much to ever break free from the madness that clutters my mind. I’m too curious for my own good which only makes matters worse.

While I crave for the sunset to see the beauty, I ache for the darkness to calm my soul. The music conquers my body and streams through my veins. The wind whips through my hair as the cool air kisses my skin. The tension is left in the mountains, anxiety webbed between the trees, the guilt smashed into the twists and turns the road, and my want for love ditched in a curb.

I look to the stars for guidance and the darkness for peace. The sunset for honestly, the skyline for release.


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