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I hate to use the terminology “mind-games” because I feel like it belittles the actual action.

Here’s what I envision when the term is brought into conversation:

I picture a doctor with a needle and a woman consciously laying on a coroners table.

Within each needle, is a thought the doctor extracts from his mind and holds to be true; a drug to be so potent and toxic there’s no way escaping it.

As the poison is injected into the woman’s mind it invades her emotional reactions, ambitions, dreams, morals, heart, mind, and life as a whole. What they once held true or believed has been completely shifted.

The doctor asks the patient to jump.

Immediately, without thinking, the patient asks how high?

The first time it happens, the patient quickly reacts in her mind by thinking

“wait what just happened?”

As time goes on, the doctor continues to inject the poison until he’s create the ideal partner. Making it appear that cutting them out of civilization is okay. That controlling their every move, who they talk to, where they work is okay.

The woman has absolutely no idea her mind has been invaded. While it may feel unnatural to her, she continues to push through the situations because somehow, he’s made it make sense.

Eventually the woman understands what’s going on.

The injections have had such a strong pull on her, she believes that his morals and truths have become her own. Even when she daydreams of a different life, or a different situation, there’s absolutely no physical or psychological way of leaving.

The only place she feels safe is in her mind,

but where’s the safety in that when she doesn’t know whether she can trust

her own thoughts.

Everyday becomes a constant battle.


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