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I’ve always believed music can change a life. I also believe it can save a life.

We all adventure through life with different challenges and success. What may break my soul, my not break yours. But whatever the obstacle that lays in front of each of us, there is always a song that pulsates through our body.

I recently moved to a different state. One which is unfamiliar, and lacks any familiar faces. I’ve fallen into old habits which now, when I look at the reflection in the mirror, I’m horrified as to what stares back at me. An empty girl who lacks confidence and pride in who she is as a person.

It was tonight, I was reminded of the power music can have on a soul.

Whether it’s the lyrics, the melodies and harmonies, the crescendos or power. Music brings on feelings which can empower you, remind you of your place, help you continue your journey, or remind you why you keep waking up every morning.

When I was a teenager, there was no escaping my mother. She was the one who had to know everything I was ‘feeling.’ She needed to know every life event that was happening to me and how it was effecting my mentality on the world. Because of the constant nag, I learned to keep to myself. I needed to work things out on my own. I knew no one else could solve my life challenges but me.

At 16 years old and needing freedom in my own way, I turned the keys to my car, threw in my mix tape, and drove. I hit the midnight open roads, with my headlights being my only guidance. Whether it was fear, excitement, or tendon snapping pain, I was lost in the bends and solidarity of the roads. The only company I needed were the voices vibrating from my speakers, the rhythm from the drums, the soul from the bass, and the electrifying feeling I would receive from the guitar which reminded me, I wasn’t alone.

As I’ve grown older, my music selection has expanded to accept and appreciate all genres of music. Each one defining a different memory, grabbing a different emotion. Music is what has kept me alive today. It’s the one constant beat in my life that I can always rely on. While it’s always changing from sharps to minors, the perfect melody seems to eventually take place.

So, what’s the song that’s changing your life at this moment of your life?


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